Customer Reviews

Ashmawi Sami

“The insoles you have supplied have been life changing.  I cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs, so was  having a lot of pain from arthritis.  These have made it so much easier to walk without pain and with more confidence.”

Mrs Anne Stone, Surrey.

“Six weeks of wearing a Wellness Magnetic Heart and Bracelet I have found hugely improved sleep patterns.  The symptoms of Raynard’s disease are much less & the blood flow is so much improved, I hardly get “dead” or white fingers.  Energy levels have noticeably improved.  Thank you for introducing me to Magnetix.”

Mrs Buzz Warner.

“Over 30 years ago, I suffered an infection which led to tendon and bone damage and had been in pain ever since.  I bought a Magnetix Bracelet 1 year ago and it has made an unbelievable difference, the pain is now virtually gone.”

Mrs S Breton, Cheshire.

“My hip had been hurting since last year with arthritis, wear and tear, but Im not in so much pain since wearing the Magnetix Magnet Heart.  I keep it on at night, I sleep better now, and wake up feeling much better.  The arthritis pain in my hand as also been helped by the Magnetix Magnetic Bracelet. “

Mrs Joan Michel, London.

“I tried a magnetic bracelet to help my tennis elbow and after a couple of weeks i realised that the pain had gone!  So i am now convinced that magnets are really beneficial.  That’s what got me interested in thebusiness.  Now i am pain free and have a good little second income – it’s a win win! “

Mrs Samantha Carr, London